"Alexander Nevsky, the Legend of Medieval Russia " Quest

17 March 2021

On March 23, 2021, "Alexander Nevsky, the Legend of Medieval Russia" quest, dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Blessed Prince, the patron saint of Saint Petersburg starts in the "Russia - My History" Historical Park. Among quest participants can be children of senior preschool, primary and secondary school age and their parents.

During the quest participants will get acquainted with the heroic biography of the great Russian commander, his childhood and youth, learn about the combat path of the famous hero and about the perpetuation of his glorious name in Saint Petersburg.

With the help of decorations, installations and interactive equipment, the creators of the quest tried to make the story of Alexander Nevsky alive, fascinating and easy for a young audience to perceive. "Time Elevator", an original photo zone, fake weapons, special video and audio accompaniment will allow visitors to gain new knowledge and get unforgettable emotions that will remain in their memory for a long time.

The task of the quest and interactive exhibition is to form an idea about the history of the Neva region in the Middle Ages, about the opposition of Russia to the Golden Horde, the Swedish army, the Livonian Order, to study the biography and political activities of Prince Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky, to tell about the peculiarities of raising children of the princely family and about interesting facts, concerning Russian life of the Middle Ages.