Liteiny Bridge to be restored before the European Football Championship

20 March 2021

Reconstruction project details were shared by the Center for Transport Planning, reports "Peterburgsky Dnevnik".

“This year a large number of public events takes place in St. Petersburg, the most important of them being the European Football Championship among youth teams, as well as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Of course, during these events, we will not be able to repair the road network in the city center, so some of the works are rescheduled to the spring”, the publication quotes Ruben Terteryan, General Director of the Center for Transport Planning of St. Petersburg.

He named the reconstruction of the Liteiny Bridge the most serious challenge for the road services of St. Petersburg. In preparation to EURO 2020, reconstruction works are also being conducted on the embankments of Chernaya Rechka River, on the Pesochnaya and Ushakovskaya embankments.