Sports Petersburg: from golf to football

22 March 2021

St. Petersburg is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has long been a place of attraction for tourists. The city of palaces, bridges and museums firmly holds the title of the cultural capital of our country. The historic center of St. Petersburg is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Festivals and holidays, which are held annually in the city on the Neva River, attract many tourists.

Network publication on tourism, recreation and travel "ZHIVAYA KARTA", Evgeny Vedeniev

The most ambitious, such as the city day and the holiday of high school graduates "Scarlet Sails", can fully be considered events of a European scale. The Northern Capital is no less interesting for sports fans and just adherents of an active lifestyle. The topic of sports tourism is actively developing in St. Petersburg. Sport in the Northern capital is not a tribute to fashion, but a historically established tradition. Many popular sports in Russia began to develop here.


Even in this digital age, it is impossible to imagine a city of rivers and canals without sails. St. Petersburg can rightfully be considered one of the main centers of sailing in Russia. We can safely say that the birth of sailing in Russia was laid by Peter I. It was he who, in 1718, created in St. Petersburg the Nevsky Yacht Club in Galernaya Harbor, which is the oldest in the country.

Probably, it had nothing to do with sports, but the love of sailing regattas stayed with Petersburgers forever. Now the largest world-class competitions are held on the shores of the Baltic Sea and on the Neva River, and more than 60 sailing yachts take part in it annually.


The game of Scottish shepherds, which is so popular among millionaires in Russia dates back to the reign of Nicholas II. Historians say that the imperial couple often took minigolf lessons. Not surprisingly, after the revolution, this sport was forgotten. Now Russian golf is gaining momentum and attracting new fans. And not only among millionaires.

In fact, there is nothing special to master this popular game. The golf clubs have trainers who conduct training sessions, teach basic movements, and talk about golf etiquette. All necessary golf clubs and balls are provided on site.


Petersburg is a unique city. Exactly here, on the parade ground of the Cadet Corps, on Vasilievsky Island,  the first football match in Russia took place. Today an amazing situation has developed in the city - everyone here is rooting for one football team, which has long become one of the brightest and recognizable symbols of modern St. Petersburg. For a long time, the home stadium of Zenit was the oldest stadium in the city, Petrovsky.

The sports arenas become the venue for the home matches of the national team in the group stages of the World and European Championships. These events attract many football fans from other regions of Russia and from abroad. From 1901 to the present day the St. Petersburg Football Championship has been held in the city.

And for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the St. Petersburg Arena stadium was rebuilt into one of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated sports facilities in Europe.


Leningrad is one of the few cities in the Soviet Union where the matches of the first USSR ice hockey championship were played. This harsh sport appeared in our country relatively recently. The official date can be considered December 22, 1946. Although attempts to get acquainted with the new game began at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Modern Petersburg. A whole city has been built for its favorite team. It is called the SKA Hockey City.This is the site where matches, tournaments, competitions and mass skating on ice are held. The sports complex includes two ice arenas, a sports hall, a gym, a martial arts zone, a hotel, the Red Machine hockey development center, SKA medical center, an outfit center and many others.


There is also a place to combine business with pleasure in St. Petersburg. Ice skating in a historical place is a sport, relaxation and immersion in history. One of the city's popular ice rinks is located on the man-made island “New Holland”, where shipbuilding yards were located during the time of Peter the Great.

Now it is a modern space, an important place where an ice field was allocated with its own special atmosphere and cozy cafes.


The main sports facility of the Lokosphinx Cycling Center is the Olympic cycle track that meets all international standards. There is also a separate track for road bike training. The center regularly hosts competitions, including international ones.


Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most popular sports all over the world. And its appearance is also closely associated with St. Petersburg. This sport took its first steps with the help of the ballet masters of the renowned Mariinsky Theater.

In 1914, the Higher School of the Art Movement was opened at the Lesgaft Higher Courses. Aesthetic, rhythmic, dance gymnastics and free dance were taught here. The fusion of all these directions together contributed to the emergence of this graceful sport.

Tinkoff Arena

Times do not stand still, modern, universal sports arenas appear in the Northern capital, where competitions in boxing, volleyball, acrobatic rock and roll are held, as well as many concerts are held. Tinkoff Arena is proud of its excellent acoustics and excellent lighting.

The editors of the online edition "Zhivaya Karta" would like to thank the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg for the opportunity to visit the Northern Capital again.

The material was prepared as a result of a series of 5 informational and familiarization press tours that took place from November 28 to December 7, 2020 in the Northern capital. It was attended by 50 journalists and bloggers from different regions of Russia.