The Youth Theater on the Fontanka will celebrate the Theater Day with a night program

25 March 2021

On 27 of March at 23:00 the cozy space of “The Fourth Stage” of the Youth Theater (the audience foyer of the Big Stage) will be filled for several hours with live music, songs, poems and dramatic monologues performed by artists of the theater's trainee group.

This is the first time such a creative experiment will take place in Molodezhnoye. A warm, friendly meeting in the atmosphere of a theatrical cafe awaits the audience.

The Night at the Theater program includes works by Sasha Cherny, Arkady Averchenko, Nikolai Agnivtsev, Viktor Dragunsky, Yevgeny Grishkovets, foreign and Russian music, dance numbers, author's songs and poems by the concert participants.

The concert will be attended by the artists of the theater's trainee group Daria and Maria Vershinin, Vasilina Kirillova, Stanislav Gorelov, Nikita Kruglyak, Efim Chaika and the teacher of the Russian State Institute of Contemporary Art (Department of Vocal and Music Education) Svetlana Mitrofanova.