Exhibition "Nekrasov in illustrations by Russian and Soviet artists" will be held in St. Petersburg

25 March 2021

The exhibition "Nekrasov in illustrations by Russian and Soviet artists" opens as part of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the poet, journalist and publisher Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov in the halls of the 1st floor of the Western building of the Museum-Estate of G. R. Derzhavin on March 25,.

The exhibition will feature not only illustrations for the works of Nekrasov, but also paintings, partly "illustrating" the biography of the poet himself, his hobbies, affection, character traits.

The exposition includes the works of B. M. Kustodiev, G. K. Savitsky, N. I. Altman, E. M. Boehm, N. I. Kravchenko, colorful works of Palekh masters, a porcelain tile "General Toptygin" by the Palekh master K. S Bokarev and the unique edition "Six Poems by Nekrasov" in 1922 with illustrations by B. Kustodiev.

From the very beginning, this book was conceived as a bibliophile edition and experts call it "the most remarkable phenomenon in the history of Russian books." The exhibition will run until 7 of May, 2021.