An exhibition to Nikolay Nekrasov opened in the northern capital

26 March 2021

On March 25, the exhibition “Nekrasov in illustrations of russian and soviet artists” is taking place in the halls of the Western building of The Gavrila Derzhavin Estate Museum on the first floor as part of the 200th anniversary birth celebration of the poet, journalist and publisher N. A. Nekrasov.

The exposition presents illustrations to poems, paintings reflecting the poet’s biography, hobbies, affection, character. Different works by B. M. Kustodiev, G. K. Savitsky, N. I. Altman, E. M. Boehm, N. I. Kravchenko, colorful works of Palekh masters, a porcelain product “General Toptygin” by Palekh master K. S. Bokarev and the unique edition “Six Poems of Nekrasov” of 1922 with illustrations by B.M. Kustodiev can be seen there. Thus, visitors will have the opportunity to see the works of russian and soviet artists, compare illustrations of different masters for the same work, made in different techniques: painting, graphics, Palekh miniature.

The exhibition will last until May 7, 2021.