All 2021 people with the name Pavel will be admitted to the Gatchina Palace free of charge

01 April 2021

The State Museum-Reserve "Gatchina" reports that such an action was done in honor of the Year of Paul I.

This year there are several round dates associated with the name of this emperor and with Gatchina. So, in 2021, the 225th anniversary of the accession of Emperor Paul I, 225th anniversary of the granting of the city status by Paul I to Gatchina, 220th anniversary of the death of Emperor Paul I, and 170th anniversary of the opening of the monument to Paul I on the parade ground of the Gatchina Palace are celebrated.

In this regard, the museum has prepared a wide program of celebration, which includes excursions, exhibitions, children's contests and much more. And, of course, the museum did not forget about the namesakes of the autocrat. Throughout 2021, people named Pavel are provided with a free visit to the Gatchina Palace. To do this, you must present your passport or driver's license.

More details can be found in the official group of the museum on social networks.