“Normal Place” will appear on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in summer

01 April 2021

This will be the name of the first charity cluster in the city. Various workrooms, inclusive catering establishments and charity shops are incorporated in the project.

“Normal Place” will be located next to “Sevkabel Port”. The cluster’s key feature will be its accessibility for people with limited mobility. A sign “Only for everyone” will greet visitors at the entrance.

On the ground floor, galleries of special art will be located next to children’s areas and shops selling social projects’ goods, while the second floor will be filled with different creative workshops, art studios and coworking spaces, as well as a physical activity area for people with special abilities.

“We join hands to help more people. One of our goals is to create common areas: workshops and meeting places, cafes and exhibitions, showrooms and open spaces. We also want to support and teach other social projects, share our experience and ultimately create a resource platform for the development of charity in Russia,” say the founders of the cluster.

The venue will open this summer. You can find out more about the project and support it in its official Vkontakte group.





Photo: droogie.ru