The action "Be healthy" has started in the northern capital

02 April 2021

From April 1 to April 11 in St. Petersburg "Medical Volunteers" will hold a number of actions, united by one topic - a healthy lifestyle.

Volunteers will organize brain-rings, preventive quests and exercises. The schools will host thematic lessons on the basics of healthy lifestyle. On social networks everyone can share life hacks of a healthy lifestyle, useful tips and stories from personal experience. This was reported in the Department on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations.

On April 3, at 12.00, a mass exercise will take place on the Palace Square.

Also, the organizers plan to hold Nordic walking training. On April 3 at 15.00 everyone is welcome at the Udelny Park, and on April 4 at 13.30 at the Pulkovo Park. During training they will tell you how to warm up and choose sticks, explain the correct walking technique.

On April 11, at 11.30 am, the “Prosto” space (Professors Popov 6, building 7) will host a healthy lifestyle festival “Be Healthy! Fest". Participants will have 3 lectures: “3 main principles of healthy lifestyle”, “How to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not go crazy?”, “Volunteering and sports”.

The organizers of the action are: the All-Russian Public Movement of Medical Volunteers, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health, the ANO "National Priorities", the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.