Two Capitals - a Million Impressions: Saint Petersburg and Moscow Launch a Joint Information Campaign

05 April 2021

The cities resume their cooperation within the framework of the previously signed agreement ( you can read more about it here: - a campaign to attract Russian and later on, foreign guests and to promote the two capitals will start in May. Its main task is to make various tourist offers and anchor city events  work as attraction points and stimulate travellers to visit both capitals and to repeat their visits.     

The  past year has drawn our attention to the domestic tourism and its demand for support and development.  As statistics indicates, about 3 million tourists visited both Moscow and Saint Petersburg before 2020.  And last year Saint Petersburg became the most visited city  among guests from Moscow, and vice versa  - residents of the Northern capital visited Moscow more often, than those from all other regions.  "In summer Moscow residents arrived to Petersburg  by cars, Sapsans, planes and went further on  for the routes of the "Silver Necklace of Russia" -  around Leningrad region and Karelia, to Veliky Novgorod and Pskov.  The same thing was happening to us - we would come to Moscow, walk the streets of our magnificent capital, visit its sights, restaurants, museums, parks and continue our journey by going to Tula, Suzdal or the towns of the Golden Ring. We see that Moscow residents were our number one guests in 2020, about 40% of domestic tourists came from Moscow," – Sergey Korneev said.

"We have been preparing our joint information exchange  program on events happening in Moscow and Saint Petersburg since May 2021. One of the program's slogans goes: "Two cities - a million impressions". The program will help us  tell our guests about our cities' eventful cultural agenda, a variety of offers in cultural, sport and other kinds of tourism.  We will form our event plan together and promote it together as well,"   Ekaterina Pronicheva,  the Chairwoman of the Moscow Committee for Tourism  commented.

"This approach may help overcome the aftermath of the significant decrease of the tourist flow, caused by the coronavirus pandemic . We understand that Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the most attractive tourist centres. They have a very good logistic connection. Transport infrastructure between them  uniquely  contributes to travelling by any means of transport and is suitable for any tourist. In both capitals a joint "Troika - Podorozhnik" transport cards project is implemented to meet the needs  of the guests and there are plans to make it possible to use the " Moscow Parking " application for parking in Saint Petersburg.  One of the most important strategic goals is to work together  to attract visitors from all Russian regions to our cities, offering them  to visit two most interesting tourist centres within one journey. It should also be noted that 80% of the foreign group tourists, arriving to Russia have visited both cities. And now we're discussing possible ways to approach international tourist  market. Together we are ready to offer our tourist products to all tourists, both Russian and international, as soon as the countries start opening and the pandemic begins to weaken.  Any season, all year round. We're expecting to increase tourist flow to both capitals by 10-15%," the Chairman of the Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development noted.      

Short city-breaks and trips with 3 days in one city and 2 in a second one, and vice versa were named among the most successful products.  Full-scale 10 day trips and 2 week journeys, including the visits to the Silver Necklace tourist centres and regions around Moscow will also be offered as a part of the campaign.

Two capitals' thematic committees are inviting the tourist and hospitality industry organizations to join building combined tourist products within one information campaign  and recall the possibility to integrate these offers into the  Rostourism "tourist cashback" campaign, run by the Russian Government, allowing domestic travellers to return up to 20% of the tour's cost.  





Photo: / Michael Siebert