4 participants from St. Petersburg - in the final of the competition "Masters of Hospitality"

05 April 2021

The names of the winners of the semi-final of the All-Russian competition "Masters of Hospitality" - the project of the presidential platform "Russia - the Land of Opportunities", have been announced in Krasnodar. The finalists of the competition were 30 participants from 16 regions.

On April 3-4, 2021, the first semi-final of the second season of the Masters of Hospitality competition took place in Krasnodar, in which 140 contestants from 35 regions of Russia took part, showing the best results based on the results of remote testing. During the competitive tests of the semi-final, the participants solved regional cases, presented their projects, and industry experts not only evaluated them and selected the best ones, but also held master classes for all participants.

A ticket to the final from St. Petersburg was received by: Galka Natalya, Ershov Pavel, Zhiltsov Nikita, Ivanova Serafima.

Nikita Zhiltsov presented the project of St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "City Tourist Information Bureau" to create a musical tourist street in St. Petersburg: "The goal is to create a new pedestrian attraction that allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of classical music surrounded by palaces through blockade loudspeakers that broadcast news from the front ".

“The main value of the competition is meeting and communicating with industry professionals,” shares the results of his participation Nikita. "Intelligence, pragmatism, charisma are the qualities that a true master of hospitality should have."

Nikita gave parting words to future participants in the competition and other projects of the presidential platform “Russia - Opportunities”: “Everyone here will find what he needs most, if he doesn’t even know about it”.

Natalya Galka presented her project and reached the final with the Gastromag project: “This is a symbiosis of a house of culture and a restaurant. Places where you can spend the whole day, taste local specialties, take part in events. The focus of the project is a food court with 30 restaurant concepts under a single management. "

Openness to new things, benevolence, ease of communication - these are the qualities that real “Masters of hospitality” should possess, ”says Natalya. "This competition is valuable for communication, contacts and ideas."

At the semi-finals of the Masters of Hospitality competition, Pavel Ershov presented the Forgotten Winter War project and the final of the competition came out. “Our project is aimed at the military-patriotic education of young people and tells about the Soviet-Finnish war,” Pavel tells about his project.

“Masters of hospitality is an opportunity to tell about your project. But the most important thing is new acquaintances and communication with interesting people ", - Pavel notes the importance of the competition.

Serafima Ivanova presented a project for a network of comfortable campings with a developed network of tourist routes and a forest working area - coworking in nature.

“A true master of hospitality must have a sense of purpose, sociability, the ability to take responsibility, psychological and business flexibility, and entrepreneurial spirit,” says Serafima. “The Masters of Hospitality project offers opportunities: networking, expert opinion, valuable advice, to show oneself and one's project to government officials and businesses.”

As part of the semi-final of the competition, a panel discussion "Development of wine and gastronomic tourism in Russia" took place. The moderator was Leonid Gelibterman, President of the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy. The discussion was attended by: the titled chef of the southern region, the owner of the restaurants "Ugli-ugli" and "The Pech" Andrei Matyukha, adviser to the mayor of Anapa, head of the project "Export brand of Russian wine" Pavel Mayorov.

At the closing ceremony in Krasnodar, the semi-finalists were addressed by Anton Serikov, the head of the Russia - Land of Opportunities partner relations department: “For two days professionals in the field of tourism and hospitality from 35 regions of our country presented their projects and worked on solving attractiveness of the Krasnodar Territory. Today we learned the list of the strongest, those who will represent our today's semi-final at the final battle of the “masters”. It is absolutely certain that there are no losers in this competition. Participants who managed to plunge into the atmosphere of the face-to-face stages of the competition have already become winners - they have the opportunity to become a part of the professional community of “masters of hospitality”, find partners for their projects, share experience and best practices, and get feedback from leading industry experts. The first semi-final, according to all experts, was marked by a high level of submitted projects. I am sure that the participants of the next semi-finals will adequately take over your baton ", - commented Anton Serikov, head of the department for work with partners of the ANO" Russia - the country of opportunities ".

Regional semi-finals of the All-Russian competition "Masters of Hospitality", the project of the presidential platform "Russia, the Land of Opportunities", in 2021 will be held in five more Russian cities: Murmansk, Kaluga, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Tyumen, Perm.

The partners of the competition are Rosturizm, Rosmolodezh and the National Union of the Hospitality Industry (OSIG). The competition "Masters of Hospitality" is being implemented within the framework of the federal project "Social elevators for everyone", the part of the national project "Education".

Information sheet:

The autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) "Russia - the Land of Opportunities" was created on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The key goals of the organization are: creating conditions for increasing social mobility, ensuring personal and professional self-realization of citizens, as well as creating effective social lifts in Russia. The supervisory board of the ANO “Russia - the Land of Opportunities” is chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

ANO “Russia - the Land of Opportunities” is developing a platform of the same name, uniting 26 projects: the competition of managers “Leaders of Russia”, the competition “Leaders of Russia. Politics”, student Olympiad “I am a professional”, international competition“ My first business”, All-Russian competition “Big Change”, All-Russian project “Career Time”, All-Russian competition“ Volunteer of Russia ”, project “TopBLOG”, project “Professional internships 2.0” , the project "Cultural Code", the festival "Russian Student Spring", the All-Russian competition "Masters of Hospitality", "Grant Competition for Youth Initiatives", the "Digital Breakthrough" competition, the professional competition "Teacher of the Future", the competition "The Best Social Project of the Year", the All-Russian project "RDS - Territory of self-government", competitions in professional skills among people with disabilities "Abilympix", All-Russian youth management cup "Drive!", Russian national award "Student of the Year", the movement "Young professionals" (WorldSkills Russia), charitable project "Dream with me", All-Russian competition "League of counselors", competition "My country - my Russia", international engineering championship "CASE-IN”, “Olympiad of the NTI.Junior Circle Movement”. In the spring of 2019, an educational platform in Solnechnogorsk, the Management Workshop "Senezh", was launched on the basis of the ANO "Russia - the Land of Opportunities". During the operation of Senezh, more than 27 thousand people have been trained in the programs

All-Russian professional competition "Masters of Hospitality" started on November 13, 2019. Its goal is to unleash the potential of professionals, form new traditions, improve service standards and the prestige of professions in the fields of tourism and hospitality. During the competition, in addition to the knowledge and competencies of the participants, their author's projects in the field of hospitality are evaluated. The best of them receive support and are implemented in the regions of Russia.

Text: “Masters of Hospitality” competition press service. Photo: vk.com/welcomecupru