Let's talk about Silver Necklace of Russia regions!

07 April 2021

We will tell you about the top must-see places and the worth trying dishes. Let's start with the Komi Republic.

The charm of this Ural republic is not only in the wealth of the bowels, dense forests and sonorous clean rivers. Komi is imbued with the spirit of the Mansi indigenous people, their customs and legends.

Manpupuner Plateau is a natural monument shrouded in Mansi legends and superstitions. The weathering pillars are 200 million years old. The magic riddle of the mysterious Urals. The monument is officially recognized as one of the 7 wonders of Russia

Yugyd va National Park is one of the largest in Russia. It has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1995.

The village of Ust-Tsilma - the descendants of Novgorodians who did not recognize Nikon's church reform live here. Ritualism, cultural traditions, melodiousness of the Old Russian language - all are untouched by civilization.

What is a must-try in the Komi Republic?

Sur is a rustic beer; its recipe has been preserved for several centuries. Shanga, delicious pies with various fillings. Venison is very tender and tasty meat, a great gift that you can bring from Komi. Cloudberry liqueur is always a natural composition and a pleasant berry taste, only 18% of alcohol, by the way, it’s also suitable as an excellent present from the republic.