The acceptance of applications for participation in the international animation competition has been extended!

08 April 2021

On May 2, St. Petersburg will host the first international drone festival. The show will be a bright conclusion to the holiday dedicated to the opening of the tourist season, giving guests and residents of St. Petersburg a real miracle.

As part of the drone festival, an animation competition will be held, in which anyone can take part. To do this, you need to create a draft drawing that you would like to see painted with bright lights in the night sky of St. Petersburg. The drawing must be made in accordance with the technical requirements and sent to e-mail The letter also needs to indicate the name, surname, contact phone number and city of residence.

Applications will be accepted until April 16 inclusive.

The winning entries will be determined on April 22nd by audience vote, and then adapted and integrated into the drone show.

You can vote for your favorite drawing on the official tourist portal:

The following are accepted for the competition:

• Static images in .jpg or .png formats, consisting of dots (no more than 500 dots).

• Video files in .mp4 or .mov formats showing drone animations on a black background (each drone is a colored dot, no more than 500 dots). The duration of the video is from 10 seconds.

• Animation in the formats .fbx, .abc, .c4d. Each drone should be a separate object (like a sphere).

Additional technical requests:

• Drone trajectories must not intersect.

• It is desirable that the speed of the drones be limited to 5 m / s.

• The use of bright and / or saturated colors is encouraged.

• It is desirable to be able to open the file in Cinema 4D.