The State Duma adopted a law on compulsory certification of tour guides

08 April 2021

The law on compulsory certification of tour guides and guide-interpreters was adopted in the third reading.

According to the adopted law, from July 1, 2022, only Russian citizens will be able to work as guides.

Specialists of the tourism industry will be given certificates by certification commissions. They will be created by regional bodies of state power in the field of tourism. Tour guides on national and interregional tourist routes will receive a certificate from the interregional commission. They will need to pay a state fee for the issuance of a document.

Besides, Rosturizm will launch an open unified register of guides and guides-translators, as well as a register of instructors-guides. The registers will be available on the agency's website.

It is also worth noting that the law introduced a new concept - "national tourist route". That means a route of particular importance for the development of domestic and inbound tourism.