First after the resorts. St. Petersburg entered the TOP-3 for bookings of tours with cashback

09 April 2021

The city on the Neva River is among the most popular destinations for buying tours under the tourist cashback program implemented by Rosturizm, reports the Level.Travel service. There is an increase in the average cost of a trip: if earlier travellers bought tours to St. Petersburg in the lowest price category - the average check in the second stage of the cashback promotion was only 11,000 rubles, now such a check for short tours to the cultural capital is 35,000 rubles.

To increase interest in the city, the Tourism Development Committee is implementing the project "New Tourist and Cultural Geography of St. Petersburg". It provides for the integration of new objects and places of visit into the existing map of tourist locations. In addition, an extensive campaign to promote the city in the tourist market took place throughout the winter period and continues to this day.

“One of our main tasks is to popularize the whole variety of tourist offers in St. Petersburg. By developing new tourist programs, we, together with the professional community, respond to the needs of modern travellers with different interests and budgets, motivating them to return to the city on the Neva River again and again”, explained Sergey Korneev, Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg.

Recall that the third stage of the state program for subsidizing travel across Russia, "tourist cashback", implemented by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation in order to develop domestic tourism, began in March this year. Its conditions remain unchanged: the duration of the tour or hotel stay must be at least 2 nights. Refund amount - 20% of the tour cost, but not more than 20 thousand rubles. Cashback is credited only for trips paid for with a "Mir" card. The money will be transferred to it automatically within five days from the date of payment for the trip.