Tourist tram will change the route during road works on Liteiny Bridge

12 April 2021

From April 10 to April 24, the tourist tram will follow the bypass route, bypassing the Liteiny Bridge. At the same time, the work schedule of the tourist route will remain: three flights a day at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00 (except Monday and Tuesday).

For the period of work on the changed route, the tourist route will receive a new color designation of the spotlights: “red-blue” (the classic route “First tourist” is assigned the colors of the spotlights “red-red”).

The tourist tram route from April 10 to April 24 is:

Museum of Urban Electric Transport - Sredny Avenue of Vasilyevsky Island - Tuchkov Bridge - Dobrolyubov Avenue - Kronverksky Avenue - Troitsky Bridge - Sadovaya Street - Turgeneva Square (and back to the Museum of Urban Electric Transport).

Opening hours: daily, except Monday and Tuesday.

Departure time from the GET Museum: 10:00, 13:00, 16:00.

Purchase of tickets and additional information:


The "First Tourist" (T1) retrotram route was launched in St. Petersburg in November 2019. It leaves for the voyage from the oldest Vasileostrovsky tram fleet in the city, from where regular tram traffic started in St. Petersburg in 1907. The unique route, developed by Gorelektrotrans, allows you to see 500 sights and cross six bridges. But the main pearl and attraction of the route is the tram itself: it is a replica of the LM-33 car (popularly "Americanka"), which is popularly loved by Leningraders, and which is rightfully considered one of the symbols of our city. Such trams developed in 1933 continued to serve the townspeople even during the blockade, and left the streets only in 1979, having worked for 46 years. The modern "Americanka" was built by Gorelektrotrans in the style of a historic carriage, but equipped with modern electrical equipment and systems (for example, there is a USB connector next to each seat). In total, two replica cars were created to operate on the tourist route.