Air traffic between Russia and Turkey, as well as Tanzania is limited. Comments of the Federal Tourism Agency

13 April 2021

In connection with the decisions taken on Turkey and Tanzania, the following points are clarified:

- Organized tourists who are currently on the territory of Turkey and Tanzania through tour operators will be able to return to Russia as planned, in accordance with the dates of the end of the tour. Tourists who decide to return before the ending date of the tour will be able to do so in consultation with the tour operator. In some cases, it is possible to change the dates of the return flight to earlier dates – so we recommend to keep in touch with representatives of tour operators.

- As for tourists who are on vacation in Turkey and Tanzania on their own, they will also be able to return to Russia as planned. At the same time, we recommend to keep track of information about possible changes on the websites of airlines which tickets have been purchased.

- What to do for those tourists who have already bought tickets for the next dates, but have not flown on vacation yet:

- If we are talking about travel packages with departure before June 1, we recommend to consider rescheduling the trip to a later date, or CHOOSE other destinations on the same dates. We ask tour operators to provide tourists with maximum assistance.

- Those tourists who have purchased tours for the period after June 1, will be constantly informed about the current situation.

- We understand that the imposed restrictions put both people and businesses in difficult conditions. Therefore, in addition to the existing mechanisms, we have prepared a set of support measures for tour operators - to minimize the consequences of the restrictions imposed and, most importantly, to help tour operators continue to fulfil their obligations to tourists.

- We are talking about the cancellation of contributions to the Reserve Fund, reduction and deferral of contributions to the FPO of Tourist Assistance this year. We are also considering a subsidy to tour operators for export flights, similar to last year, and other financial and non-financial measures.

- All relevant information for both tourists and tour operators will be constantly updated on the website of the Federal Tourism Agency: