Military-historical reconstruction for the 100th anniversary of the Kronshtadt uprising

14 April 2021

On April 18, 2021 on the territory of coastal battery complex of the Kronshtadt Fortress on Kotlin Island, the military-historical reconstruction “Kronshtadt.1921” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the events of 1921 will be. Opening will be at 12 p.m. and the beginning of the reconstruction – at 13.10 p.m.

Kronshtadt, one of the beautiful cities in Russia and Europe first of all is a city of sea glory, the cradle of the history of the Russian navy. Many important and memorable historical events, which have left a deep mark on the fate of the city and the country, are associated with Kronshtadt. One of them is the Kronshtadt uprising.

Military-historical reconstruction “Kronshtadt.1921” will give to guests and citizens an opportunity to get back a hundred years, see with own eyes how everything was; plunge into the atmosphere of 1921 spring events.


12 p.m. – 4 p.m. Gathering of guests. Exhibitions and interactive platforms’ work

12.45 p.m. – 13.10 p.m. Ceremonial part. Divine service in memory of those killed in 1921

13.10 p.m. – 2 p.m. Reconstruction of military-historical events in Kronshtadt in March 1921

2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Work of the military field kitchen, exhibitions and interactive platforms

4 p.m. Event completion, departure of the participants

Military-historical reconstruction is carried out within the framework of the project “Kronshtadt. 1921 - 100 Years in the Memory of the city and citizens”, supported with help of the Presidential Grants Fund.

Within the framework of the project should take place:

- Development and presentation of a new excursion route in Kronshtadt in May 2021

- City History quest in June 2021