This week in St. Petersburg will end without precipitation

14 April 2021

The weather forecast for residents of the northern capital was published in the Federal State Budgetary Institution North-Western Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

According to the forecasters, on Thursday, April 15, precipitation is not expected. At night, the air temperature will be -1 ... + 1 degrees, and during the day +8 ... + 10 degrees. The wind will blow with moderate strength.

There will be no precipitation on April 16. The wind will be moderate. The air temperature at night will be 0 ... + 2 degrees and during the day +10 ... + 12 degrees.

Weak wind and air temperature at night +1 ... + 3 degrees and +12 ... + 14 degrees in the afternoon are expected on Saturday. It will be dry on this day.




Photo: Liudmila Kot /