Fifteen Parks and Squares Opened to St. Petersburg Residents

14 April 2021

This was told by the Press Office of the St. Petersburg Committee for Urban Land Improvement.

Starting this week, on April 12, the Vasileostrovsky garden was opened to residents of the city on the Neva. Before that, it was closed for dehumidifying. In total, 87 gardens, parks and squares were closed in early April.

Thirteen more parks and squares have been opened since Tuesday. Following is their listing:

Park Geroyev-Pozharnykh (Park of Firefighter Heroes) between Sofiyskaya ul., ul. Dimitrova and Bukharestskaya ul.;

Square on ul. Bely Kuna, 24, korp. 1;

Square on ul. Turku from Belgradskaya ul. to Budapeshtskaya ul.;

Square on Kupchinskaya ul. between houses number 4, korp. 1 and number 6/4, korp.1;

Square on Budapeshtskaya ul. from Plovdivskaya ul. to M. Kashtanova alley;

Square on Kupchinskaya ul., 29, korp. 1, - 25/11;

Square at the intersection of Bukharestskaya ul. and ul. Fuchika;

Fedorovskiy Square on Dunaiskiy prospekt between Zagreb boulevard and Bukharestskaya ul.;

Square on Sofiyskaya ul. between 32, korp. 1, 34, korp. 2 and 38, korp. 1;

Square between M. Karpatskaya ul. and Karpatskaya ul. opposite the 23, korp. 1, on M. Karpatskaya ul.;

Square in Alpiysky per. between 23, korp. 1 and Budapeshtskaya ul. 49, korp. 1;

Square in Alpiysky per., 26;

Square on Kurskaya ul. west of Voronezhskaya ul. 45.

Additionally, on Wednesday, the park on ul. Instrumental'shchikov, 15 opened as well.

Dehumidifying is necessary for paths’ surface to return to normal after winter. While parks are closed to visitors, gardeners clean the area from litter and also repair garden furniture.