Residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the city will be able to continue to admire the unique collection of the museum of gramophones

15 April 2021

Museum of gramophones and phonographs of Vladimir Ignatievich Deryabkin could be closed, and his priceless collection of rarities would be scattered across various museums and storerooms. The reason for this is the inability to pay rent for the occupied space.

However, the situation was saved by the governor Alexander Beglov. Yesterday he allowed the establishment to use the premises free of charge. After all, St. Petersburg is famous for its large and small cultural institutions, and the gramophone museum is not only the only one in Russia, but also an exclusively Petersburg phenomenon, which perfectly conveys the spirit and culture of the Northern capital.

Now museum lovers have nothing to worry about. Visitors to the city, going to the famous Hermitage and the Russian Museum and can walk through small museums, including the Museum of Gramophones and Phonographs of Vladimir Ignatievich Deryabkin on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street, at 45.

The creator of the museum and collector of the collection is a famous circus performer in the past. Despite the fact that Vladimir Ignatievich trained bears all his life, in between performances and training he loved to listen to records, becoming a passionate lover and collector of gramophones.