The season of navigation on rivers and canals 2021 opens in Saint-Petersburg

16 April 2021

On April 15, the long-awaited season of navigation on rivers and canals was opened in St. Petersburg. Tickets for boat trips can be purchased at the City Tourist Information Bureau.

City Tourist Information Bureau (GTIB) is glad to announce that now official tickets for boat tours can be purchased at:

- information offices on Sadovaya street,14/52 and Sadovaya street, 37;

- information points on Palace Square and Vosstaniya Square (Nevsky Prospect, 118).

Our friendly staff will advise you of all water routes available in St. Petersburg and help you choose the best one, according to your preferences and requests.

Also, in addition to water excursions, tickets for bus tours are also available in the offices and info points of the bureau.

Welcome to our offices to receive proficient information and high-quality tourist services! Open the tourist season 2021 with GTIB: