Exhibition “Woman's Face of the Victory. Valentina Grizodubova "

21 April 2021

The ceremonial opening of the exhibition "Woman's Face of the Victory. Valentina Grizodubova” will take place on 28 April at 15.00 in the Historical Park "Russia - My History.

The multimedia exposition will open on the eve of Victory Day as part of the project "Creators of the Great Victory".

The exhibition is devoted to Valentina Stepanovna (she died on 28 April 1993) and introduces the biography of a unique woman aviator. Valentina Grizodubova set five world aviation records and became the first woman in our country to be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. During the Great Patriotic War, she not only fought the enemy in the sky as the commander of the Long-Range Aviation Regiment consisting of men, but also headed the Anti-Fascist Committee of Soviet Women, which united anti-fascist women's movements around the world.

The exposition was organized with the participation of the St. Petersburg regional branch of the all-Russian public-state organization “WOMEN’S UNION OF RUSSIA - Women's Alliance"

The exhibition will be presented in the exposition of the Historical Park "From Great Upheavals to the Great Victory" in the hall "XX century" and will last until 23 May 2021.

Entrance to the exhibition is by a ticket to the hall “XX century”.