The quay for water excursions was opened in Sevkabel Port

21 April 2021

The navigation began, and Sevkabel Port reopened its quay (for the third year in a row), connecting Vasilievsky Island and the city centre by water route.

The quay has a strategic importance - it is a part of the general space concept of opening waterfront for the citizens.

The quay will be used as a stopover on excursions along the Neva. Also, Sevkabel Port will become available for those who want to get to this public space by water from the city centre or vice versa. Transfer tickets can be bought on the quays of English and Palace embankments as well.

The quay is situated in the eastern part of Sevkabel Port. The motor ships will moor at the quay wall; passengers are planned to get off the ladder from the upper deck of the vessel. The ticket office is on the quay.

You can find  the actual timetable by the following link: