The season of Peterhof fountains was announced open!

27 April 2021

The active fountains welcomed visitors last weekend.

On Saturday, April 24, the opening of the summer fountain season took place at the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve. “At 10 am the first guests of the Lower Park were greeted by the roar of fountains. After the winter dormancy, the "Bowl", "Samson" fountains and the "Grand Cascade" fountains turned on at the same time,” informs the website of the museum.

It is noted that Peterhof spends 2021 under the sign of two important dates. This is the 300th anniversary of the Petrovsky water conduit and the 300th anniversary of the Peterhof Voliere Pavilions. Nowadays, the Lower Park is decorated with more than 150 fountains and cascades.

It will be possible to see the active fountains of the Lower Park daily from 10:00 to 19:45. The spring festival at the Grand Cascade will take place on May 22. It will be dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the water supply system of the Peterhof fountains.