The demand for recreation in St. Petersburg has doubled on the weekend from May 1 to 10

27 April 2021

The service for booking accommodation for vacation ( provided data on changes in demand over the last three days after the signing of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on non-working days from May 4 to 7 based on reservations of accommodation by tourists from April 23 to 25 in comparison with the period of April 16-18.

The total number of bookings has not changed, the number of bookings to St. Petersburg and to the  Chernomorskoye, Olenevka villages and Bakhchisaray town has doubled, and to Sevastopol increased by 39%. To Evpatoria, demand decreased by 30%. In general, the average check for vacations on the sea fell by 12%. On average, a week's vacation with 2920 rubles per day for accommodation is used.

Until April 17, Yekaterinburg was not popular among tourists, but after the President's decree on the May days off, accommodation for one night there began to be booked. The demand for Karelia (+ 50%), Bashkiria (+ 200%), Caucasian Mineral Waters (+ 200%) increased. The demand for travel to Kazan fell twice.

Top ten cities to travel to in 2021 (*):

  • Yalta-3751 rubles/6 nights
  • Sochi-2595 rubles/8 nights
  • St. Petersburg-3500 rubles/4 nights
  • Moscow-5341 rubles/2 nights
  • Kazan-2397 rubles/4 nights
  • Pyatigorsk-1703 rubles/6 nights
  • Yekaterinburg-2692 rubles/1 night
  • Bannoye-4833 rubles/4 nights
  • Lahdenpohja-5995 rubles/7 nights
  • Voronezh-1309 rubles/4 nights

 * Average cost per night