Drone show, tug waltz and icebreaker festival attracted special attention of tourists

11 May 2021

The event took place on May 1 and 2, 2021 as part of the opening of the all-Russian summer tourist season. The events were prepared by the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development in cooperation with the Maritime Council, Moscow, the Leningrad Region and the regions of the Silver Necklace of Russia.

Within the framework of the action, such events as the Icebreaker Festival, River Carnival, Tug Waltz, Street Music Festival, and Jet Cyclists' Flash Mob took place. From May 1 to May 7, free excursions, activities from museums, city sites and tourist organizations were available for guests and residents of the city. All events were held under the hashtag #ябылвспб2021.

More than 20 branded ships took part in the River Carnival, which symbolically represented 11 regions of the Silver Necklace of Russia. More than 100 organizations related to the tourism sector provided 15 thousand free tickets for walking, boat, bus excursions and other activities. During the drone show, 500 luminous devices rose into the sky over the city. They were lined up in three-dimensional images of the main city attractions and a symbol dedicated to the upcoming Euro 2020. The show was broadcast to Russian and world audiences through the official tourist portal visit-petersburg.ru.

An interesting reportage about the river carnival, drone show and interesting offers and excursion routes was released on Channel One.

International drone festival took place in St. Petersburg

The key tourist event of the spring was also not spared on the TVC channel. The channel's journalists paid special attention to the tug waltz and the icebreaker festival.

The mesmerizing drone show flash mob can also be seen in this group.

And the video of the group "Our Petersburg" on YouTube introduces the tricks of the hydroflaerists.

Also, citizens of St. Petersburg and guests of the city shared their impressions of the drone show. You can get acquainted with some of them in the material of the PiterNews24 portal.

You can read more about the social action "Hospitable Petersburg" on the official website of the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg/