Volunteers help citizens of St. Petersburg to take part in the e-voting for city’s environmental objects

12 May 2021

To inform citizens and to help them in voting for city’s objects that require to be improved within the project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" there was formed a team of 300 volunteers.

During the week volunteers work at multifunctional centers at 12:00 - 20:00, and at 10 metro stations  in the morning at 08:30 - 9:30 and in the evening at 18:30 - 19:30 метро – «Sadovaya», «Nevsky prospect-1», «Moskovskaya», «Ligovsky prospect», «Grazhdansky prospect», «Admiralteiskaya», «Technological institut», «Gostiny Dvor», «Ploschad Alexander Nevsky », «Gorkovskaya».

At weekends at 12:00 - 20:00 volunteers provide citizens with help in voting in shopping centers such as PIK, Akade,-Park, Zanevsky Kaskad, Kontinent, Nevsky, City Mall, Ligov, Ozerki, Gostiny Dvor and at the art space Sevkabel Port.

More information about working hours of volunteers is possible to find, following the link - https://vk.cc/c1ukKR

Volunteers answer questions about objects from the voting list, tell about the federal projects «Formation of a comfortable urban environment» and they also help to proceed the registration form or voting at the place.

To vote with the help of the volunteer is possible by mobile number - it is necessary to tell the volunteer the number, name and surname. In this case a person will receive a call to prove the mobile number. It is possible to be informed about voting and further realization of the program. In this case it will be needed to leave the e-mail.

Every citizen could vote only for one object. All ways of voting are equal – selfvoting at the portal  78.gorodsreda.ru or with the help of volunteer.

We remind, that all-Russian voting for the selection of public territories, which should be improved as a priority until 2030, and is held on the 78.gorodsreda.ru platform from April, 26 to May, 30. All citizens over 14 years old will be able to vote.

Registering on the platform, you must indicate the name, date of birth, e-mail, mobile-number and confirm your identity either by phone number or through an account on the State Services.

Also, for the improvement of the territories of St. Petersburg, you can vote immediately through your profile on the State Services by link https://pos.gosuslugi.ru/lkp/improvement/2681/

On issues of electronic rating voting for improvement facilities within the framework of the federal project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment," you can contact the hotline of the Ministry of Construction of Russia on a single free number 8 (800) 600-20-13.