"Manezh" will hold a special program timed to coincide with the annual event "Night of Museums"

13 May 2021

On the May 15, on the eve of the closing of the exhibition “(In) mobility. Russian classical sculpture from Shubin to Matveyev”, the Central Exhibition Hal l “Manezh” invites guests to a special program timed to coincide with the annual event “Night of Museums”.

On this day, visitors are expected:

- Free tours of the exposition with the Manege team subject to an entrance ticket to the exhibition and preliminary registration (https://manegespb.timepad.ru/event/1636508/).

- Exciting exhibition quest from Manege JUNIOR! The guys visited the (In) Mobility exhibition, together with the sculptor Konstantin Novikov, they discussed modern technologies for creating sculptures, and then they came up with many, many questions for visitors, drew, redrawn and again painted illustrations for the evening quest. The beginning is at 20.00.

- A win-win lottery for all visitors of the exhibition from 20.00 to 23.00 with unexpected prizes from the Manezh team.

- Fascinating master classes from the TAKT project of the Thursday fund. Participation is free if you have an entrance ticket to the exhibition.

Workshop schedule and registration:

19: 00-20:00. Master class of artist Vilgeny Melnikov "Sound sculpture". Participants will create a sound-emitting object from random material - a sound sculpture. During the master class, participants explore the sound of objects and the possibility of harmony with everyday objects. The presenter will briefly reveal the concepts of harmony and dissonance, composition in sculpture and music, tell what sound sculpture is and how it is represented in contemporary art. Registration: https://manegespb.timepad.ru/event/1639090/.

20: 00-21: 30. Master class on pantomime from deaf actresses Gyuli Jafarova and Lyudmila Romanovskaya. At the master class, the presenters will show the participants the basic techniques of working with the art of pantomime, act out scenes in the genre of pantomime and stand up with the participants of the master class a living sculpture. The master class will be held with the participation of two sign language interpreters, who will also help and assist in working with the audience. Registration: https://manegespb.timepad.ru/event/1639101/.

20: 30-21: 30. Master class of the artist Serafima Sazhina on creating a self-portrait. At the master class, each of the participants will create their own self-portrait from sculptural plastic. Artist Serafima Sazhina will tell you how to work with facial proportions, teach you how to portray emotions, convey a state, and study your own face. Participants will learn about the process of creating the proportions of a face as a sculptural object and learn about how a sculptor works on a portrait. Registration: https://manegespb.timepad.ru/event/1639102/.

Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh" thanks the organizers of the "Night of Museums-2021" for the opportunity to take part in the All-Russian action. This year it will take place on the night of May 22-23.