It will be possible to learn about the feat of the sailors of the polar convoys at the exhibition "With a single blow!"

13 May 2021

It will open on May 14th.

On this day, at 3 pm, the grand opening of the exhibition will take place in the Historical Park "Russia - My History".

According to the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg, the exhibition in a single space brings together items supplied under the lend-lease program from private collections and museums of St. Petersburg, unique works of photojournalist Robert Diament and modern video materials from Wargaming.

Visitors will be shown samples of the naval uniform of the USSR and the allies, weapons of the Second World War, models of ships - participants of the Polar Convoys, newspapers and wartime textbooks, posters, unique medical instruments that are still used by some modern doctors because of their quality.

Exhibition "With a single blow!" will last until June 27.