Where to go in St. Petersburg on the weekend of May 15-16

14 May 2021

Visit-Petersburg.ru has collected some of the most interesting events of the weekend in one article.

Long-expected among runners, Tsarskoselsky Marathon will take place in Pushkin on the 16th of May.

The long-awaited Tsarskoye Selo Marathon will be held on May 16 in Pushkin. The intensity of passions promises to be high, because the prize fund of the race was one million rubles.

Run yourself, come to cheer and support your loved ones or just sell yourself to the atmosphere of competition, this day will give a wonderful opportunity to see the historical center of Pushkin in an unusual setting. Athletes will run next to the Catherine and Alexander Palaces, the Fedorov Cathedral, the Egyptian and Oryol Gates, and the Chesme Column.

In the Historical Park "Russia - my history" from May 14 to June 27, you can visit the exhibition about the feat of the sailors of polar convoys "With a single blow!"

The exhibition contains items supplied under the lend-lease program from private collections and museums of St. Petersburg, unique works of photojournalist Robert Diament and modern video materials from Wargaming.

Visitors will be shown samples of the naval uniform of the USSR and the allies, weapons of the Second World War, models of ships - participants of the Polar Convoys, newspapers and wartime textbooks, posters, unique medical instruments that are still used by some modern doctors because of their quality ...

In St. Petersburg, on Likhachev Square, an attraction "High-Altitude Review" has opened. A special passenger platform with a capacity of up to 15 people will lift visitors up to 60 meters above St. Petersburg. The creators of the "High-Altitude Review" ride tell about this on their website.

“Take a bird's eye view of the center of St. Petersburg. Not on the screen, not in the photo, but with my own eyes, ”the organizers urge.

On May 15, the festival "Smelt is Coming!" Will begin in Novaya Ladoga. The holiday will be attended not only by gourmets, lovers of St. Petersburg cuisine, but also by fishermen who will compete in catching this fish.

A real fish fair will open in a makeshift fishing village. Cooking master classes will be held here, and visitors will be entertained by a fair of traditional crafts to the accompaniment of fiery melodies and rhythms.

Photo zones will be designed for lovers of photos and selfies. In the water area of ​​Volkhov you can see a parade of sails/

Photo: Boyce Fitzgerald / pixabay.com