Nalchik, Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd - new points on the map of flights of «Rossiya» Airlines

14 May 2021

The airline is expanding its regional program from Saint Petersburg.

«Rossiya» Airlines, a member of the Aeroflot group, is expanding its regional route network and opens flights on domestic-made Superjet 100 aircraft from Saint Petersburg. The first flights will take place on May 31st. The airliners equipped with business and economy class cabins will fly to Nalchik, Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd. Flights to each direction will be operated once a day.

According to the schedule, the departure from Saint Petersburg Pulkovo airport to Nalchik is scheduled for 09:30 with arrival at 12:40. The return flight will depart from Nalchik at 13:40 and arrive at Pulkovo at 16:45.

The flight to Nizhny Novgorod will also be in the morning. It departs Saint Petersburg at 10:40 and arrives at 12:25. Return flight from Nizhny Novgorod at 13:25. The plane will land at Pulkovo at 15:15.

The planes will fly to Volgograd from Saint Petersburg in the evening. Departure from Pulkovo at 19:10 with arrival in Volgograd at 21:40. The return flight according to the schedule will depart from Volgograd at 22:40 and arrive in the Northern capital at 01:05 the next day.

Due to the high popularity of the Saint Petersburg-Arkhangelsk route and the increased demand for air tickets in this direction, from May 31st, the number of flights between these cities will be increased. The two flights operated by Airbus A319 planes will be supplemented by one more - by a domestic-made aircraft. The liner will depart from Pulkovo at 18:55 and arrive in Arkhangelsk at 20:25. The return flight from Arkhangelsk at 21:25 arrives in Saint Petersburg at 22:55.

The times are local for each airport.

You can book and pay for tickets on the Aeroflot website, in the mobile application, or through the call center by phone.

«Rossiya» Airlines pays special attention to the tourist attractiveness of the Northern capital and nearby regions, where there are no large airports of its own, and strives to offer passengers the most popular and interesting travel destinations, gradually increasing the number of flights and expanding the list of cities where you can go from the base airport for the airline Pulkovo. Being the largest carrier in the North-West, «Rossiya», due to the formation of an extensive route network from St. Petersburg, provides residents of the country with an opportunity to see all the sights of the airline's native region, and Saint Petersburg residents choose new travel destinations. The operation of domestically produced aircraft of small capacity allows the airline to quickly increase the frequency of flights on popular routes and perform more daily flights according to a convenient schedule for passengers.

«Rossiya» Airlines is part of the Aeroflot Group. «Rossiya» participates in the international program to ensure safe tourism Safe Travel and is awarded the «Safe hospitality in Saint Petersburg / Safe Travels SPB» sign. The airline is the leader among Russian air carriers in terms of flight safety according to the German research center JACDEC, received the highest safety rating among the world's airlines according to the international rating agency Airline Ratings, and took a leading place among domestic carriers in the international Safe Travel Score. Since 2014, «Rossiya» has been the official carrier of the Zenit football club. The airline operates foreign-made aircraft of the Airbus A320, Boeing 737, Boeing 777, Boeing 747 families, as well as domestic-made Superjet 100 aircraft.


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