Spring Festival of Fountains will be held in Peterhof

18 May 2021

On May 22 at 13:00 on the Grand Cascade in the Lower Park, the Spring Festival of Fountains will take place, which, by tradition, will open the summer season at the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve. This year the ceremony will be dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the water supply system that feeds the fountains of Peterhof.

Script writers, senior lecturer of the department of directing theatrical performances and holidays of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture D.D. Sokolov and General Director of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve E.Ya. Kalnitskaya, they called this holiday "... Bring water to flow," the press service of the museum reports. This is an exact quote from the Clauses that Peter the Great personally approved, listing the necessary works in Peterhof in 1721. This year went down in history as the year of birth of the Peter's miracle - the fountains of Peterhof.

Theatrical action on the Grand Cascade will unfold before the audience a fascinating story of the creation of the fountain system. The familiar image of Peterhof could have been completely different. At the behest of Peter, "a vegetable garden no worse than the Versailles one" was planned to be arranged in Strelna. And the fountains themselves had to work from a windmill and a machine driven by horses. The fate of Peterhof was decided by chance - Peter's trip to the Ropsha Heights. It was then, in August 1720, that it became clear that without any machines and mechanisms, only thanks to the natural relief, water could be directed to Peterhof. For almost a year every day, thousands of soldiers worked on the construction of a fountain water conduit. On August 8, 1721, Peter the Great with his own hand, with a spade, opened the flow of water along the canal: by the next morning the water reached Peterhof and all the fountains and a cascade were launched.

Together with the creator of the water conduit, other heroes of the “fountain story” will appear in the theatrical celebration on the Grand Cascade: the French architect Leblon, the author of the very first unrealized “Water Plan” for Peterhof, and the Russian self-taught hydraulics engineer Tuvolkov, who designed the water conduit route, which is still works. The chamberlain Berchholz, who was at the court of the Duke of Holstein, will share his enthusiastic memories of the opening of the Peterhof Sea Canal. The words of the French ambassador Campredon about the very first palaces of Peterhof will be heard.

Several dozen SPbGIK students, as well as professional opera and ballet dancers, will take part in the theatrical performance at the Grand Cascade. By tradition, the Spring Festival of Fountains will end with the launch of the Samson fountain and fireworks over the Great Peterhof Palace. The holiday will be held in compliance with all epidemiological requirements in accordance with the Safety Standard approved by the Administration of St. Petersburg.

Visiting the festival does not require additional tickets - it is enough to purchase entrance tickets to the Lower Park in advance on the website tickets.peterhofmuseum.ru or on the day of the visit at the ticket offices of the park and ticket terminals. The cost of a ticket for adult citizens of the Russian Federation and the EAEU states is 450 rubles, children under 7 years old are free of charge regardless of citizenship, children under 16 years old are free for citizens of the Russian Federation. For a complete list of benefits, see the link.




Photo: Pixabay.com