Citizens of St. Petersburg are invited to the rooftop festival

18 May 2021

The 10th Anniversary Roof Fest will begin on May 20.

You will be able to hear the works of musical performers such as Noise MC, Leonid Agutin, Eva Polna, Valery Meladze, Therr Meitz and others at this festival in St. Petersburg. Concerts will be held on the roof of house 30 along the Kozhevennaya Line overlooking the Gulf of Finland.

“The ROOF FEST is 10 years old! Such an event is celebrated brightly, loudly and with great music. Each concert is a declaration of love and an occasion to meet your favorite musicians and adored spectators”, – the festival's page on the VKontakte social network says.

Young people listen to hip-hop music more, and the older generation chooses rock performers. Therefore, the festival will satisfy the tastes of a wide audience. Such words of Kirill Darovskikh, the director of the festival, are quoted by the TV channel "Saint Petersburg".