Names of Masters of Hospitality Competition Finalists From St. Petersburg Revealed

21 May 2021

They are Igor Basov, Svetlana Zhukova, Vyacheslav Kilyakov, Anna Korshak, Valeria Obrezkova, and Kristina Tarasova.

The names of the winners of the online semi-final of the All-Russian competition “Masters of Hospitality” - the project of the presidential platform “Russia - the Land of Opportunities*”, have been announced in Moscow. 31 participants from 20 regions of the country reached the finals.

*Rus. Rossiya - Strana Vozmozhnostei (RSV), lit. Russia – Country of Possibilities/Opportunities.

The concluding semi-final of the second season of the Masters of Hospitality competition was held in Moscow, in which 118 contestants took part from 48 regions of Russia, who showed the best results during the remote testing. The semi-final in Moscow was held online. The participants presented their projects, solved cases, and industry experts evaluated them and chose the best ones.

The semi-final was opened by Anton Serikov, Deputy Director-General of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Russia - the Land of Opportunities”.

“A year ago we came up with an online format, which we partially preserved in the second season. This format is in demand because not every contestant has the opportunity to physically come to the semifinals. In the course of the semifinals, new partners appear with new cases, interesting problems that need to be solved. We have both federal cases and partners who pose serious tasks for our masters: Roscosmos, Aeroflot, Rossiya Airlines, and the Azimut hotel chain. Today our Masters have offered their ideas to the clients of these companies. The second season of the competition has already crossed its equator. Today we have selected the last finalists and we will prepare for the big final, which will take place in Nizhny Novgorod on June 8-10. Many surprises await the finalists! A big thank you to the experts - the extramural semi-final does not mean that the Masters are to be evaluated by artificial intelligence. The participants were evaluated by human experts who have dropped as a landing party here, in our online studio,” said Anton Serikov.

St. Petersburg made it into the finals: Basov Igor, Zhukova Svetlana, Kilyakov Vyacheslav, Korshak Anna, Obrezkova Valeria, Tarasova Kristina.

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A true master of hospitality must love Russia, their region, city, town, village, and every piece of the Motherland. They must be professional, proactive, honest, with an open and warm heart,” says Igor Basov.

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“For me, the main value of the Masters of Hospitality competition is the opportunity to express my ideas, to receive strong support from mentors and like-minded people. My advice to future participants is to not hesitate even for a second and apply. Masters of Hospitality is a runway in your life, a huge number of friends who are not indifferent to hospitality and inspiration for the most daring goals!”Svetlana Zhukova shares her impressions with us.

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“The main point of the Masters of Hospitality competition is the opportunity to announce your project, get a competent assessment by experts, mentors, with the subsequent development of the project on the territory of the Russian Federation. The main value of the competition is the government's contribution to the identification of the best projects for the benefit of the development of the tourism industry in Russia, which have a positive effect on the formation of the personality of Russian citizens,” explains Vyacheslav Kilyakov.

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Anna Korshak reached the final with the project of the first immersive performance of its kind: “This is a promenade with 3D mapping elements integrated into the museum space. The complementary expressive means are organic for the venue. We prepare an audio performance (not a tour) and link it with the history of the venue. The plot is supported by 3D mapping. The cast is minimal - for the increased involvement of visitors in what is happening. Attendance at the event is organized either by group or on schedule,” says Anna Korshak.

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“The Masters of Hospitality competition of the presidential platform “Russia - the Land of Opportunities” is a colossal experience in different senses: testing one's competencies, one's projects. This is large-scale networking!” - Valeria Obrezkova shares his impressions.

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For those who are still only thinking about whether to take part in the competition, Kristina Tarasova advises: “Participate and do not hesitate. Everyone here has something to learn and something to find interesting.”

During the online semi-final in Moscow, live broadcasts were also held from the regions that hosted the regional semi-finals in 2021 - “Masters of Hospitality. How it was”. The broadcast was attended by Gennady Stryuk, Head of the Personnel Policy Department of the Krasnodar Krai Administration, Alexander Eliseev, Chairman of the Murmansk Oblast Tourism Committee, Vladimir Vasin, Deputy Mayor of Kaluga, Vladimir Rusanov, Minister of Tourism of the Kamchatka Krai, Maria Trofimova, Head of the Tyumen Oblast Tourism and Promotion Agency, and Deputy Chairman Government of the Perm Krai Alexey Chernikov.

In addition, a series of panel discussions and masterclasses took place within the framework of the semifinals. Thus, the winners of the first season - the founder of the PANGA restaurant management school Galina Pozdnyakova, the founder of the Bashkir fast food AIBAT HALLYAR Marat Naskhutdinov and the head of the IT company “Yusfulsoft” Dmitry Gusev - shared their success stories with the participants. There was also a series of “Dialogues with Mentors”. Traveller, TV presenter and mentor of the competition John Warren wished all the participants of the semi-final good luck and success for the presentations at the final stage. During the breaks between broadcasts and discussions, participants could see the premiere of the travel show “Masters of Hospitality. Kamchatka”.

You can watch the broadcast of the online Moscow semi-final of the Masters of Hospitality competition on the project's Youtube channel.

Regional semi-finals of the All-Russian competition “Masters of Hospitality” - the project of the presidential platform “Russia - the Land of Opportunities” - in 2021 were held in six cities of Russia: Krasnodar, Murmansk, Kaluga, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Tyumen, Perm. The final of the competition will be held in June in Nizhny Novgorod from 8 to 11 June 2021. 200 contestants from all over Russia will be struggling to become a winner of the competition.

The partners of the competition are Rosturizm, Rosmolodezh and the National Union of the Hospitality Industry (OSIG). The winners of the competition will receive support from the founders of the nominations, this year they are Roscosmos, Roscongress, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Russian Geographical Society, the Rossiya Airlines, the Azimut hotel chain, the National Academy of Hospitality, the Federal Agency for Tourism, the Federal Agency for tourism and the Government of the Murmansk Oblast, the Anapa Municipal District and the International Centre of Wine and Gastronomy, the Tourism Industry Investors Club, the Moscow City Tourism Committee.

The competition “Masters of Hospitality” is implemented within the framework of the federal project “Upward Mobility for Everyone” of the national project “Education”.

List of finalists of the Masters of Hospitality competition based on the results of the online semi-final in Moscow:



Full name



Basov Igor Vyacheslavovich



Bystrov Denis Olegovich

Omsk Oblast


Vilberger Ksenia Nikolaevna

Komi Republic


Gamidov Rustam Magomedovich

Republic of Dagestan


Gubin Dmitry Sergeevich

Krasnodar Krai


Dyachina Stanislav Anatolievich



Zhukova Svetlana Sergeevna



Zhuchkov Nikita Dmitrievich



Ivanova Vera Alexandrovna

Vologda Oblast


Kanunnikov Anton Vitalievich

Volgograd Oblast


Kilyakov Vyacheslav Viktorovich



Korshak Anna Vyacheslavovna



Kostenko Pavel Mikhailovich

Samara Oblast


Krunas Ekaterina Sergeevna

Nizhny Novgorod Oblast


Kuzmenko Anna Mikhailovna

Rostov Oblast


Martynenko Elena Petrovna

Samara Oblast


Nikonov Andrey Semenovich

Sverdlovsk Oblast


Novikov Sergey Leonidovich.

Rostov Oblast


Obrezkova Valeria Ruslanovna



Pavlova Julia Mikhailovna

Belgorod Oblast


Ryazhskikh Olga Nikolaevna

Chelyabinsk Oblast


Sokolova Marina Gennadievna

Republic of Karelia


Sturlis Ekaterina Nikolaevna

Vologda Oblast


Suslina Elena Sergeevna

Voronezh Oblast


Tamaev Israil Kharonovich

Chechen Republic


Tarasova Kristina Sergeevna



Torshin Roman Viktorovich

Lipetsk Oblast


Tugarev Alexey Alexandrovich

Chelyabinsk Oblast


Fedorova Maria Sergeevna



Shafrai Lyudmila Vladimirovna

Stavropol Krai


Shefer Vasily Alexandrovich

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug



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The all-Russian professional competition “Masters of Hospitality” started on November 13, 2019. Its goal is to unleash the potential of professionals, form new traditions, and improve service standards and the prestige of professions in the fields of tourism and hospitality. During the competition, in addition to the knowledge and competencies of the participants, their authors’ projects in the field of hospitality are evaluated. The best of them receive support and are implemented in the regions of Russia.