21 May 2021

Rostourism and the leading platform of short videos - TikTok have launched the #ShowRussia competition to show the potential of domestic tourism. The project had started on 17 May and will run until 18 July, 2021.

Users of the video platform are invited to shoot creative short videos about their region and its attractions. These videos will compose a checklist for the upcoming trip: what to see, where to go, where to eat deliciously.

The best works will receive the main prize - a trip to the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, organized by the Center for Tourism Development Mountain Russia with the support of the head of the republic Kazbek Kokov.

 “Rostourism and TikTok have been cooperating for about a year, and during this time our videos within the #RussiaTravel project have gained more than 400 million views in total. This is an excellent result that we want to fix and overcome. Our new common project is aimed not only for popularizing online travel in Russia, but also for giving young people the opportunity to see the most interesting and unique places offline. After all, the main prize of the competition will be a trip to the Caucasus - to the beautiful Kabardino-Balkaria,” noted Zarina Doguzova, head of Rostourism.

Every week TikTok and Rostourism will post hashtags #Show Russia #Show Moscow #Show Peter #ShowGol Ring #ShowCaucasus #ShowAltai #ShowSouthofRussia #ShowFarEast #ShowKaliningrad.

Also, regional museums, restaurants, hotels, parks and other recreation sites of interest to tourists are invited to participate in the project. For local companies, this is a good opportunity to tell a multi-million audience about themselves. And for users of social networks - to hear it straight from the horse's mouth about special offers for travelers. Local partners will use a QR code that leads to the competition page. If the user makes and uploads a video through the partner's location, a bonus from the partner will be received offline. This can be a discount for an excursion, visit to a cafe or restaurant. You can also win a special prize - a friend's gold card from VDNH's media partner. Popular TikTok creators will also conduct online broadcasts in the most interesting locations of the project partners.

 “We are delighted that our cooperation with Rostourism has served as a trigger for thousands of Russians to rediscover domestic tourism and visit places that were previously unknown to a wide audience. This time, we also decided to support local entrepreneurs by inviting them to join our initiative. We are confident that the interaction of TikTok users, regional tourism agencies and local businesses will inspire Russian citizens to explore their country,” said Nadezhda Lapina, senior operations manager at TikTok.

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