Exhibitions dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the monetary reform of the USSR in 1961 year

15 June 2021

On June 16, the Historical Park "Russia - My History" will open two thematic exhibitions dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the monetary reform of the USSR in 1961. The expositions were prepared jointly with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia).

The Time and Money exhibition is dedicated to the evolution of money and the history of cash circulation in Russia from ancient times to the present day. The exposition tells how coins appeared in Russia, where and when the first mint was opened, how the first paper banknotes were printed, as well as the first forgeries and the role of Isaac Newton in protecting coins from counterfeiting.

Visitors will see photographs of coins from the times of Ivan IV and Alexei Mikhailovich, state credit notes, treasury notes and coins of the early 20th century, banknotes from the times of the Revolution and the Civil War, and commemorative banknotes.

At the exhibition, you can learn how the methods of storing and transporting money have improved - from small wallets to the creation of a special collection service, as well as how the methods of counting money have changed - from wooden tables with special markings to unique high-tech robotic complexes.

The exhibition "250 Years of Russian Paper Money" will acquaint everyone with the history of paper money from its beginnings to the present day. Paper money in Russia – banknotes - appeared in 1769 during the reign of Catherine II. The first money was issued only in large denominations, their solvency was certified by the original signatures of bank officials. Since 1787, they began to issue small bills - five-ruble and ten-ruble - on blue and red paper. For many people, this feature has become the main one in determining the denomination of banknotes.

Generations have changed. Each era was reflected in money: in design, methods of protection, choice of media. The exhibition ends with 21st century banknotes, the technological features and design of which clearly demonstrate the achievements of our days.

Within the framework of the exhibitions, a series of lectures will be held:

  • June 18 at 17.00 - lecture "Women on banknotes".
  • June 23 at 17.00 - lecture "Monetary Reform of 1961".
  • June 25 at 17.00 - lecture "Women on banknotes"
  • June 26 at 13.00 - lecture "Monetary reform of 1961"

Lectures include guided tours of the exhibitions and interactive thematic lessons for children.

The exhibitions will run until June 27, 2021. Free admission.