Paintings by famous artists of Russia and neighboring countries to be exhibited in St. Petersburg

15 June 2021

The exhibition and sale "A glance through the mirrors" opens on June 17, in St. Petersburg Center for Books and Graphics on Liteiny, 55.

The exposition includes self-portraits and works of such artists as A. Ovchinikova ("The Fog Is Gathering", "Pears and Apples"), I. Vityuk ("Bubliki", "Piter - Autumn Motive"), N. Trubin ("Dandelions", "St. Petersburg"), A. Lukash ("Autumn at Vasilievsky", "Autumn at Nikolsky").

You will be able to admire and purchase works by: G. Bernadsky, A. Kurbanov, V. Ponomarenko, N. Romanov, A. and R. Kvaratskhelia, A. Filippov, A. Krivichanina, K. Shilnikova, E. Murashova, T. Lushnikova, V. Lipak and many other artists of St. Petersburg, other regions of Russia and neighbouring countries.

Visitors will see paintings of various genres, trends and styles. The main criteria for the selection of works were beauty, harmony, tradition. “This is exactly what art gifts us, its ability to change, decorate the world around us. A special aura is created by "living" painting, which comes directly from the artist's brush. It does not go through the depersonalizing process of digitization and printing, therefore it carries a charge of energy and feelings. Pictures are something over which neither time nor fashion has power” (Director of the Art Gallery Olga Igorevna Samarkina).

The exhibition and sale runs until 17 August.