UEFA EURO 2020 travel card can be purchased in St. Petersburg

16 June 2021

Football " Podorozhnik " is a ticket and a souvenir rolled into one.

Along with the start of the European Football Championship UEFA EURO 2020 in the city on the Neva, it became possible to purchase " Podorozhnik " dedicated to the sporting event.

The layout of the cards and key fob was developed taking into account the requirements of the organizers of the main European football festival, using the corporate color and the EURO 2020 brand.

SPb GKU "Organizer of Transportation" has developed three layouts of Podorozhnik ": a plastic card with a regular pattern, a plastic card with the effect of an iridescent pattern (thanks to the use of a foil backing of the image) and a compact keychain.

The functional capabilities of the new electronic card and key fob are the same as those of ordinary "Podorozhniks" - they can be used to record various types of long-term travel tickets, as well as use them as a Single electronic ticket.

The total circulation of the "football" party of ticket carriers is 70,000 pieces.

The cost of the " Podorozhnik " card (excluding the cost of the ticket) is 60 rubles.

The cost of the " Podorozhnik " keyfob (excluding the cost of the ticket) is 100 rubles.

It is possible to purchase Podorozhnik, released for EURO-2020, at all offices and sales booths of St. Petersburg State Public Institution “Organizer of Transportation” and ticket offices of all metro stations starting from June 11. " Podorozhniks " with the effect of iridescent color, as well as key rings, will arrive on June 11 at the offices on the street. Rubinshteina, 32, pl. Lenin, 8/8, as well as at the box office of some metro stations (the list is published on the website of the State Unitary Enterprise "Petersburg Metro" http://www.metro.spb.ru/news/item/id/2215)