The “Scarlet Sails” holiday will be live streamed on the Visit Petersburg website

24 June 2021

On June 25, at 22:00, Saint Petersburg will traditionally host a unique impressive performance dedicated to school graduates – “Scarlet Sails”. 

In 2021, the holiday is preparing many different surprises for the spectators, who will immerse into the atmosphere of the fantasy created by Alexander Grin, the main dreamer and romantic of the Russian culture.

It should be noted that “Scarlet Sails” bring fame to both Saint Petersburg and the whole country as a whole on a global scale. This is the only holiday in Russia included on the list of global event tourism.

This year the show will be live streamed on the official city tourist website Visit Petersburg again and in the city’s tourist account on VKontakte. The live stream of the concert of Russian pop stars, the magnificent pyrotechnic show and the legendary brig with scarlet sails will start on both the Russian and the English versions of the website at 22:00.

Last year, more than 3000 people watched the live stream of the Scarlet Sails festival on the official tourist website of the Northern Capital. The list of the spectators included residents of Russian regions, employees of Russian centers of science and culture abroad, potential tourists from the USA, India, Turkey, Germany, Pakistan, Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Romania, Armenia , Japan, Australia and other countries.

We will be glad to see you among the spectators of the live stream of the impressive holiday “Scarlet Sails 2021” on June 25 at 22:00 on our websites: - Russian language version of the Visit Petersburg website - English language version of the Visit Petersburg website - account in the  Vkontakte social network