International Summer Arts Festival "Access Point" announced the 2021 program

30 June 2021

From 8 to 26 July St. Petersburg will host the VII International Summer Festival of Arts "Access Point". By means of theater and contemporary art, the festival continues to explore the urban environment and ask questions about time, address the current context of life in the country and the world. The 2021 poster will bring together more than 20 projects taking place in both physical and digital space - viewers will travel to the Leningrad region in search of themselves, mysterious parcels from an unknown sender, acquaintance from unexpected sides with the most closed country in the world - North Korea, gamified conversations on sharp and sensual topics. The festival venues will be the Lenfilm film studio, the Arctic and Antarctic Museum, the Wynwood boutique hotel, the mansion of the “Knowledge” Society and many others.

Main program

“Access Point” is one of the few Russian festivals that create their own performances. In 2021, under the guidance of curators Alexei Platunov and Yulia Kleiman, "Access Point" will release 8 premieres born in close dialogue with artists. The projects of the Main Program are very different. Among them there is a study of the role of women in the history of cinema from the team "Around the Bush", a multi-genre project by the Norwegian Morten Trovik, where, for example, Vladimir Pozner will read excerpts from a book about North Korea, and (this is perhaps the most mysterious project) a week-long performance, where Rosa Khairullina renounces herself. Each performance of the Main Program has a digital twin - viewers will be able to visit physical spaces and connect to projects via telegram, zoom, and special landing pages.

Julia Kleiman, curator of the "Access Point" festival

“If we try to generalize the events of the Main Program, which is actually very manifold (which we are more likely to be proud of, and not vice versa), then its leitmotif can be considered a manifestation of the hidden. The directors - by the way, also underdeveloped in the Russian theatrical context - in their projects turn to the phenomenon of individual and collective memory, to forgotten facts and sensations. These are performances for a very small number of spectators, for thoughtful and unhurried immersion, these are adventures and travels, most often - to ourselves".

Main Program Projects

- The play-journey "Runners" based on the novel by Nobel laureate Olga Tokarchuk, director - Ilya Moschitsky;

- Immersive performance "School Simulator", director - Pyotr Kurkin;

- Performative renunciation on behalf of the famous actress Benefit Rosa Khairullina. Project team - Roza Khairullina, Leon Celebrovsky, Sergey Chekhov, Anastasia Yudina;

- “Inexplicably beautiful” - a series of performances of the past restored and adapted to the present day and the state of culture, authors - Vanya Demidkin and Artyom Tomilov;

- A documentary journey dedicated to the invisible women of “Lenfilm”, “Ticket to the Cinema”, the authors – “Around the Bush” creative laboratory;

- A series of miniature installations dedicated to environmental awareness, "Little Bad Men", authors - Yulia Preobrazhenskaya, Elizaveta Skorobogatova, Ksenia Peretrukhina;

- Puppet show-walk "There are weekends only once a week", creators - Ksenia Peretrukhina, Karlsson Haus theater;

- Documentary project about North Korea "PARTY SONGS", artistic director - Morten Trovik (Norway);

Free program

The “Access Point” free program is, first of all, a platform for various statements about the present and future of performative art. Out of 378 applications, 15 projects were selected for the program, each of which in one way or another reflects not only artistic trends, but also various facets of the current agenda. The Free Program performances raise issues of ecology and corporeality, sensuality and social order. The authors turn to technology research, work with personal and social trauma.

Philip Vulakh, director of the "Access Point" festival

“The Access Points free program is formed based on the emotional and meaningful impulse emanating from the participants. The festival creates the infrastructure for their voices to be heard. Both in all the applications sent, and in those projects that have been implemented this year, hot topics for the Russian and world context are exposed, pain points are manifested. The festival invites viewers to try to get a feel for what the future of contemporary performing arts might be. What will work today and resonate with time, we can only find out together."

Free Program Projects

- "33 Sisters" - a performance consisting of girls' monologues about personal problems and time. Curator - Alexander Shumilin, “Nemkhat” Theater Company;

- The Center for Russian Emigration - an immersive performance based on bureaucracy brought to the point of absurdity. Production of the theater company "Refugees";

- "The lake where you live and around which you walk" - an audio performance dedicated to the folklore of the peoples of Karelia and the Kola Peninsula. Authors - Alina Shklyarskaya, Daniil Koronkevich;

- "Modern Nature" - a musical media show based on the text by Derek Jarman. Director - Elina Kulikova;

- "Theodicy at minimal salaries" - an interactive performance that explores the behavior of people in social networks. Director - Polina Kolozaridi;

- "Northern Lights" - a performance-talk about the nature of desire. Directed by Elena Nenasheva and Vika Privalova;

- "Hello again" - a study of sensuality in the digital space. Authors - Maria Patsyuk, Evgeniy Zaitsev;

- “We will go for a walk in the forest” - an audio walk for one. Author - Fedor Elyutin, Impresario company;