New locations in the cities of the "Silver Necklace of Russia"

01 July 2021

This digest will be dedicated to new places, new opportunities and new experiences in the pearl cities of the North-West of Russia. We will tell you where to ride a swing with a panoramic view of the bay, visit an incendiary folk show, visit an old German house, look at the dressing room of an actress of the early XX century. Are you looking for an excuse to visit your favorite region again? Read our selection and get charged with ideas!

New locations in the cities of the "Silver Necklace of Russia"

Air tour on the legendary An-2

Where: Arkhangelsk region, village Vaskovo, Vaskovo airport

Enjoy the panoramic view of Arkhangelsk, view the unique museum complex "Malye Korely" and see the Novodvinsk Fortress— a new type of tourist services has been launched in the capital of Pomerania.

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The Masurian Canal Caretaker's House

Where: Kaliningrad region, Pravdinsk, village Friendship, gateway N1

The museum has a caretaker's office with a photo exhibition on the history of the Masurian Canal. Guests are invited and waited for by the caretaker himself - Uncle Mazur. Here you can buy original postcards with views of Konigsberg, Velau and other towns and cities of East Prussia. The museum opened in the spring of 2021.

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Museum of inclusions, jewelry and amber products "50 million years"

Where: Kaliningrad region, Kaliningrad, 37 Remontnaya str.

The museum opened on January 1, 2021. It is located in an old German house in the historical district of Kaliningrad Ratshof. The museum staff will tell you about the history of the origin of amber, about the art of jewelry and the gradual creation of jewelry.

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Museum of Writing

Where: Novgorod region, Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod Kremlin

About two hundred objects will be presented in the Likhudov Building of the Kremlin. You will see the Novgorod Psalter, the Anonymous Gospel, thematic complexes of birch bark letters of the medieval city, as well as videos, interactive game programs, animated drawing books and not only.

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Folk-rock musical "Sadko"

Where: Novgorod region, Veliky Novgorod, 9/1 Alexander Nevsky emb.

Folk-rock musical "Sadko" is a unique show based on the ancient Novgorod epic, a journey into the world of legendary history on the streets of young Novgorod. Medieval color, fire and light special effects... You have not seen such a Sadko yet!  Every Friday and Saturday. 

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Theater in the Tikhvin Museum

Where: Leningrad region, Tikhvin, 1 Tikhvinskaya str.

The Tikhvin Museum has opened an exhibition "Sounds of a provincial theater", which includes theatrical tours. The theater in Tikhvin had existed for more than a hundred years and ceased its activities in the 2000s. The museum recreated a real theater stage with the scenes and scenery of the famous Soviet theater.

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A. V. Suvorov Museum in Novaya Ladoga

Where: 12A Suvorova str., Novaya Ladoga, Leningrad Region

Since 2020, the A.V. Suvorov Museum has been opened for tourists in Novaya Ladoga at the address: 12A Suvorov Str. The interactive exposition of the museum, dedicated to the period of Suvorov's life in Novaya Ladoga, where he commanded the Suzdal Infantry Regiment, tells visitors the atmosphere of the regimental life of the XVIII century.

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Naryan-Mar. Walking route "Red city of the Tundra"

Where: Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Naryan-Mar, 7 Lenin str.

The capital of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, despite its geographical location, is a fairly modern and lively city, which combines culture and active development of oil production. And fans of unusual recreation will be able to see here the hidden treasures of the Arctic and the wonders of the Nenets land. A walking route around the city is what every visiting tourist should start with.

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The Museum "Games of the peoples of the world"

Where: Republic of Karelia, Sortavala, Priozernaya street

On May 1, 2021, the museum "Games of the Peoples of the World" was opened in the historical park "Bastion". The museum will introduce guests to the evolution of the development of games, their diversity and history, and the interactive environment and special zones will allow you to immerse yourself fully in the game-playing process.

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Public space "Nikolsky Rows"

Where: St. Petersburg, 62 Sadovaya str.

The art space has prepared new decorations for this summer! Climb the 20-meter Tower with magical panoramas of the city. Come to the amphitheater to listen to informative lectures in the fresh air. Create something together with children on the site of the art object “Raskraska”. Parties, concerts – there is everything here!

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Sevkabel Port Cultural Cluster

Where: St. Petersburg, 40 Kozhevennaya line

Creative, lively, modern – this is how you can describe a new public space with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Finland. It hosts open-air music and gastronomic festivals, exhibitions, summer training, markets, film screenings, parties. And what sunsets are here!

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The only European garden in Russia

Where: Pskov region, Pustoshkinsky district, Orekhovo village

The Orekhovo Estate is the first and only European garden in Russia, which, despite the status of private ownership, is open to the public. The estate belongs to landscape architect Alexander Grivko, the author of private and public gardens in Russia and Europe. Orekhovo Manor Park is an encyclopedia of garden styles: English landscape, Italian and French regular style.

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The exhibition of the world. Exhibition of love.

Where: Vologda, Botanical Garden, 10 Yershovsky lane

On June 21, an international Exhibition of Contemporary Art dedicated to Love and Peace will open its doors in an unusual place - among the jungles of the Botanical Garden.

Guests will enjoy interactive shows for adults and children, performances by DJs, instrumental and electronic musicians, and of course art-paintings and installations, sculptures and performances from authors of different ages and style, from different countries and cities. The exhibition will last only three weeks and only in Vologda.

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Pomorskaya embankment

Where: Murmansk region, Kola, Pomorskaya str.

Today, residents and guests of the city of Kola are already walking on the embankment on the shore of the Kolsky Bay. There are sports fields, benches and swings with a view of the bay.

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The exhibition " Komi: person, landscape, myth"

Where: National Gallery in Syktyvkar, Vorkuta, Ukhta, Pechora and Usinsk

The exhibition will be held until June 30 simultaneously in five cities of the Komi Republic. The exhibition features works by local artists dedicated to nature, everyday life and legends of the North. In the National Gallery of Komi four halls were allocated for the exhibition. The exhibition is dedicated to the image of the village and traditional folk culture, mythology and paganism, the development of the north, as well as the nature of the Republic.

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