Places for kissing: top romantic places of "The Silver Necklace of Russia"

05 July 2021

Where to go on a date, where to watch the sunset, how to find a bride, where to propose and what places are ideal for unforgettable kisses. For the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, the tourist information centers of the Silver Necklace of Russia have prepared a list of the most romantic places in the North-West of Russia.

Kisses at sunset in the Novgorod region!

There are amazing bridges with a rich history in the Novgorod region. For example, the first arched bridge in Russia in Borovichi, or a railway bridge as high as a six-story building between Kresttsy and Valdai. They offer an incredible view.

Musical kisses only in Veliky Novgorod!

It is known that eternal music sounds in the eternal cities. Visit the "Musical Monument" of S.V. Rachmaninov, relax in the shade of the lilac and kiss to the famous chants and musical images of Rachmaninov, Arensky, Lyadov ...

Lovers' bench in Petrozavodsk

An ideal place for kissing is the lovers' bench, which is located not far from Onezhskaya embankment and the Wedding Palace in Petrozavodsk. And for those who are in a quarrel, there is a bench of reconciliation very close. Give a kiss to your loved one to the sound of the waves of Onezhskoye Lake!

Rotunda on the Onezhskaya embankment

The rotunda on the Onezhskaya embankment of Petrozavodsk is one of the symbols of the city. This is the venue for the wedding ritual. It has already become a good tradition, leaving the Wedding Palace, located nearby, to take pictures and kiss under the vault of the rotunda.

Family Tourist Festival "Travel with Love"

On July 10, the "Travel with Love" festival will take place in the Maryino estate (village Andrianovo). At the festival, tourists will be able to try on traditional wedding ceremonies of the indigenous peoples of the Leningrad region, take part in master classes of folk art crafts of the region, taste the gastronomic brands of Vepsians, Korels and Izhor.

Osinovetsky lighthouse: a place of love and hope in the Leningrad region

In this place, you can constantly find good angles, wait for clouds for drama or sunset for romantic photos. Osinovetsky lighthouse is located in the Vsevolozhsky region, p. Ladoga Lake, st. Osinovetskaya, 1.

On the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity - to Vyborg!

A romantic walk - on sup-boards! An excellent option to celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, and at the same time - the opportunity to see the medieval city from the water! More details:

Summer Garden - a cult place for love confessions and kisses

Thanks to the tall crowns of age-old trees and the abundance of hedges in the Summer Garden, it is easy to feel solitude. A couple in love can hide from the outside world in green arbors and bosquets. Shady alleys and subdued light receding into the distance are conducive to heartfelt conversations and kisses.

Semimost’e – an ideal place for in Saint-Petersburg

There is a place in Saint-Petersburg where one can observe simultaneously seven bridges. Being located at Pikalov bridge you are surrounded by waters of Griboedov and Kryukov canals from all sides. Domes and the spire of Nikol’sky Cathedral glare with gold. Come here with your sweetheart to kiss and make wishes!

«The Meeting Place»

Each city has its own place which is popular with loving couples – dates, love confessions and marriage proposals are made there. Park of lovers or «the Meeting Place» space is such kind of place in Pskov.

Chairs for lovers in Velikie Luki

Sculptural composition crafted by pskovian blacksmiths represent itself two forged chairs — masculine and feminine — with intertwined elbows. The chair for lovers is installed at the Lovat’ river embankment, to the left from Aleksandr Nevsky chappel.

Places for kisses in Naryan-Mar

The «Love and Faith» bronze sculpture of embracing couple at the Zahrebetnaya kur’ya embankment is fascinating place for kisses! «Marriage tree» and «Bench of conciliation» are installed not far from the sculpture, and the «Bridge of lovers» is built across the river.

People are kissed at the boulevard in Syktyvkar

People are indeed kissed at Pokrovsky boulevard in Syktyvkar, someone confess in love and dream about making a family. Street lights with stained glass and an arch with birds at the top decorate small residential district of the city. Happiness and well-being awaits everyone who passes the arch.

«Youth» - the «place for kisses» in Kaliningrad

Picturesque canals, friendly ducks and boats beside the wharf is all you need for romantic stroll. Wonderful view at Kaliningrad opens from cozy cabins of Ferris wheel. Lights of merry-go-round gleam here in the evening, street lights are reflected in water surface, coffee aroma spreads all over the place — mere romantic!

Symbol of love in faith in Murmansk - statue "The one who waits"

"The one who waits" – the sculpture of a girl waving with handkerchief is the symbol of love, feminine courage and fidelity in Murmansk. Breathtaking view opens from here to Kol’sky fiord, bay and city harbor. This place attracts lovers, newly wedded couples and families with kids.

«Walkway of love» in Murmansk

The musical walkway or «Walkway of love» as it is also called among the people. And for good reason because it is ideal walking place for lovers! Especially romantic mood is evoked by melodies coming from the art college. In the end of the walkway you can find the ladder with a view point where the statue of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is installed.

Places for kisses in Arkhangelsk

The statue of Peter and Fevronia is installed at the embankment of Arkhangelsk near Repose of the Virgin cathedral which is the favorite place of newly wedded couples. Not only to bow to saint patrons of marriage do people come here for but also to watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets of white nights.

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