On July 11, the art object "Dream" will be opened in the summer courtyard of Nikolsky Rows

06 July 2021

This Sunday, in the summer courtyard of the Nikolsky Rows, Sergey Rublev, the founder of the “Cardboard Maker” workshop, will create a recycling art object – a three-dimensional sculpture in the form of the word "DREAM" will be assembled from recycled materials with the participation of guests of the public space.

On July 11, an art object will be opened in the summer courtyard of Nikolsky Rows

The action is timed to coincide with the environmental initiative of "Nikolsky Rows" – on July 11, containers for separate waste collection (glass and tin) from the city service "Pererabotkinskaya" will be installed in the courtyard of the public space. We believe that the future of the planet is in the hands of each of us, and the art of personal small steps allows us to achieve common significant results, according to the organizers of the project.

As a part of the initiative, a series of open lectures on ecology will be held in the summer courtyard amphitheater:

19:00 Open discussion "Myths about separate collection" with the participation of Ekaterina Alekseeva, head of the cooperation department of the Association "Separate Collection" and Alexander Shirobokov, the founder and head of the eco-service for the delivery of recyclable materials "Pererabotkinskaya".

During the discussion, we will talk about how the processes of garbage collection and recycling are arranged in St. Petersburg and in Russia, what is the concept of "Zero Waste", guests will also be able to ask questions to experts.

20:30 Lecture by psychologist Oleg Denisenko "I am NOT toxic"

The lecture is devoted to aspects of human ecological consciousness, will answer the question why some people are worried about ecology, and others are not, what is the peculiarity of the psychology of a person who is worried about the future of the planet.

Participation in the creation of the art object "DREAM" by pre-registration:

It starts at 18:00.


The number of seats is limited!

Participation in the lecture program by pre-registration:

Open discussion "Myths about separate collection"


Lecture "I am NOT toxic"


The number of seats is limited!

The summer courtyard of the Nikolsky Rows is an open-air public space. The necessary precautions have been taken on the territory of the courtyard so that the stay here is not only comfortable and interesting, but also safe for health. Compliance with simple rules https://sadovaya62.ru/anti-covid-rules and careful attitude to yourself and others is the main priority of the project.


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