Branded scarfs, shopper-bags and protective masks – the official collection of tourist accessories was issued in Saint-Petersburg

27 August 2021

New product line of souvenir products has become available for inhabitants and guests of the Nothern Capital in the framework of the initiative of the Saint-Petersburg State Institution «City Tourist Information Bureau», which is subordinated to the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint-Petersburg, and Kunjut design studio.

Since August, 25th shopper-bags, waist bags, cosmetic bags, neckerchiefs, t-shirts, scarfs and face protective masks have become available for visitors of tourist information centers on Sadovaya St., 14/25 and Sadovaya St., 37 as well as information pavilions on Vosstaniya Square, Palace Square and near the Peter and Paul’s Fortress.

The pilot collection of souvenirs is made in the signature tourist style of the city on the Neva. Prints of its main architectural attractions – Winter Palace, Singer House, Alexander Column on Palace Square, Rostral Columns, St. Isaac’s Cathedral – are applied to the products. Their artistic adaptation is based on the collaging, drawing finishing and bright colour accents. Moreover, design includes an element of the city metabrand – an official logotype in the form of the torquoise circle symbolizing «the northern sun that shines both in winter and summer», with inscription «Saint-Petersburg» and the elements of letters which resemble drawbridges.

The City Tourist Information Bureau regularly conducts work to promote opportunities of the metabrand of Saint-Petersburg for business purposes.  One of the companies that showed interest in integrating the official city symbols into its products became the Saint-Petersburg factory and design studio Kunjut. The company forwarded an initiative to implement a joint project, and having received the approval of the tourist bureau, made a decision to release an exclusive branded line.

The interaction has a character of the partnership. According to the sublicense agreement, the manufacturer acquired an opportunity to use the city logotype while developing the design of the prints. In addition to the above, the printing and tailoring of branded products were carried out at the expense of Kunjut T&D own funds. Up-to-date equipment and the original ecologically safe ink were used for sublimation printing on fabric.

At the moment the pilot collection is available only at information pavilions and offices of the City Tourist Information Bureau.


The Saint-Petersburg State Budgetary Institution «City Tourist Information Bureau» was founded in the spring of 2000 as the first unified state free information service for tourism in Russia.

The main tasks of the Saint-Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "City Tourist Information Bureau" are to create a comfortable information environment for guests and residents of the city, to promote the tourist product of St. Petersburg on the international and Russian tourist markets.