St. Isaac’s Cathedral online – an interactive 3D-model of Saint Petersburg’s hugest church has become available on the Internet

31 August 2021

The model has been published on the Official city tourist portal of St. Petersburg “”

It is noteworthy that the idea of digitalization of Saint-Petersburg’s sights was derived from responses within the framework of the survey "Let’s Make St. Petersburg Better" which had been held on the portal since the beginning of July.

In the era of a pandemic, exhibitions, culture establishments, concerts and festivals as well as a lot of other tourist attractions and events are increasingly using the online format in their activities.

In order to see St. Petersburg and feel its indescribable atmosphere even in times when a journey may be difficult, the city's official tourist portal offers to have a look at one of its main sights – Saint Isaac’s Cathedral – from a completely new perspective.

Thus, a detailed 3D-model of the cathedral has become available on the pages of St. Petersburg’s tourist portal “”. You can see it on an interactive city map by following the link.

The initiative of creating the model will help to inspire Russian travelers and – after borders opening – foreign guests to come and get acquainted in person with the sight.

In this regard, the team is making a survey among the users of the portal:





With the help of the interrogation, the readers will be able to express what other sights of Saint Petersburg they would like to see in 3D version.