The 35th season has started at the «Shelter of the Comedian» theater

06 September 2021

The theater will celebrate its 35th anniversary in the new season.

According to the press service of the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture, in December 2021 the theater will present its world premiere - the drama «Serotonin» based on the novel by Michel Houellebecq, directed by Andrey Prikotenko.

Another premiere will also take place this season: the actor, composer and musician Yevgeny Serzin makes his directorial debut with the immortal Russian classic — the play «Uncle Vanya» by Anton Chekhov. The show is scheduled for March 2022.

The third premiere will be released In June — a dream in two acts «The Idiot» based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, directed by Pyotr Shereshevsky.

In addition, it is noted that in June 2021, the premiere of the concert-play of the People's Artist of Russia Oleg Pogudin «Melody of Dawn» was successfully held, after which it was decided to include it in the theater's repertoire. Now this performance can be seen exclusively in St. Petersburg only on the stage of the «Shelter of the Comedian» theater.

The playbill also features the premiere of last season - the production of «Dear Mr. Smith», a three-time Golden Mask winner, Alexei Frandetti.

This season the ensemble is scheduled to tour Moscow (Gogol Center), Novosibirsk (Old House Theater), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Chekhov Center), Hungary (Budapest, National Theater), and Narva (Estonia). Also, «Shelter of the Comedian» will again take part in the large-scale international project «St. Petersburg Theatre Seasons», which annually presents art created in St. Petersburg on the world's leading stages. An online broadcast of the production of Roman Gabria «Onegin» will be shown.