An Exhibition Dedicated to the 130th Anniversary of Nikolai Lapshin Opens in St. Petersburg

07 September 2021

An exhibition of Nikolai Lapshin's graphic works of 1937-1940 will open on September 16 at KGallery.

At the exhibition one will be able to see the famous Leningrad landscapes of the artist, most of which are exhibited for the first time. Uritsky Square (Palace Square), Bronze Horseman, New Holland, St. Isaac's Square, Alexander Garden and other city views are recognizable and iconic works that are typical examples of the art of the Leningrad landscape school of the 1930-1940s.

"... To work, see, think like Marquet ..." - this creative intention accompanied Nikolai Lapshin since 1912, when for the first time in St. Petersburg he saw the landscapes of Albert Marquet at the exhibition "One Hundred Years of French Painting". Lapshin followed the "inner need" to paint and draw succinctly, using small means of expression, after many years of searching, characteristic of the avant-garde decades of the 1910-1920s, in which he was actively involved.

Lapshin himself, summing up his art, noted that it was in watercolor that he achieved significant success. The artist's Leningrad landscapes of the second half of the 1930s-1940s are the best confirmation of this.

Exposition solutions will allow viewers to see Nikolai Lapshin's two-sided works both in the exhibition space and using a special mobile application. Traditionally, a catalog of the artist's works will be published and an extensive thematic program of lectures, walks and art breakfasts will be prepared.

Photo: KGallery press service