Exhibition about the Image of A. Nevsky in the Work of the Sculptor V. G. Kozenyuk has opened in the Historical Park "Russia - My History"

08 September 2021

The opening of the exhibition took place within the framework of the “Medieval Russia” festival. It was dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Holy Blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky.

Exposition of the exhibition “Chronicle in Bronze. The Image of Alexander Nevsky in the Works of the Sculptor V. G. Kozenyuk" introduces visitors to five projects implemented in the North-West region of Russia. This is the result of a creative search to which the master devoted his entire life. Thanks to the talent of the sculptor and his loyalty to his ideas, St. Petersburg acquired a well-known monument to its patron saint, located on the square of the same name in the city center.

The exhibition features unique exhibits: original drawings, sketches and projects of the sculptor, as well as plaster and bronze models illustrating the entire process of creating a sculpture from the inception of an idea to its material embodiment. The photographs and documents describing the biography of Valentin Grigorievich and his career are of a particular interest.

The exhibition was created with the participation of V. G. Kozenyuk's family and the museum-diorama “The Battle of the Neva. 1240 ".

The exhibition is located in the hall of temporary exhibitions and will run until October 3, 2021 inclusive.

A ticket is needed to enter the exhibition.

Photo: Press Service of the Historical Park "Russia - My History"