New touristic mobility: the development of interregional partnership has been discussed at OTDYKH LEISURE 2021 exhibition-forum

08 September 2021

What is he like – modern tourist? How can cultural projects realize the touristic potentials of the regions and how can they be developed under the current conditions?

That issue and a lot of other ones have been discussed at a strategic session of Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development which united representatives of all the regions of Russia’s North-West. The experts discussed the results and prospects of the promotion of the hugest interregional history and culture projects and touristic ones. Among them there are Golden Ring of Russia, Museum Routes of Russia, Silver Necklace of Russia and Two Cities – Million Impressions: #PetersburgMoscow.

As Sergey Korneev – Chairman of Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development – noted, the touristic macro-territory of Silver Necklace of Russia steadily realizes its potential. “In terms of the execution of the relevant order by President of Russia, we – the federal authorities and the regions of North-West – aimed at concentrating all the marketing resources for tourists’ interest attraction on the one hand and all the infrastructural opportunities – federal highways, railway connection, navigation, airports development – on the other hand around this project. A huge work has been done and now we see that North-West has one of Russia’s best transport connections with both Moscow and the regions and it works maintaining the growth of tourists’ demand”, the Chairman remarked. He also added that Saint Petersburg, by being the travel hub of the region, forms different scenarios for tourist trips and rest, creates “travel constructor” which is able to surprise even experienced travelers and make them return over and over again.

Changes in tourists’ preferences were also remarked by Vladimir Lysenko – acting for Director of Tourism Department of Yaroslavl Oblast. “Golden Ring of Russia project has solidly affirmed its status and international brand for nearly 60 years of its existence, however the pandemic brought about some changes in the sphere. Target audience has also broadened – now tourists are interested not only in pilgrimage. Tourism today is a part of economics, first of all, and it is being directed to our entrepreneurs. If we would like guests to return to us, we should arrange our work with the entrepreneurs of that industry. Now we are developing branded interregional routes, exchanging our experience, trying to keep up with time and preparing Silver Necklace of Russia’s digital product”, Lysenko told.

It is to be noted that Silver Necklace of Russia and Golden Ring of Russia are composites of Museum Routes – project realized by Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. According to Alexander Voronko – Director of Department of Museums and International Cooperation of Ministry of Culture, “North-West District is a unique territory where there are 173 museums including 19 federal ones and every of them is interesting and unique in its own way. Looking the results of interrogations of travelers, it is possible to see that most of them consider visits of museums as one of the main reasons for choosing touristic routes. Now it is being about what we should do to solve the problem of seasonality, to make the museums demanded all year round and people want to return there again and again. Museum Routes of Russia project allows reviving and stimulating the development of not only the museums but all the touristic North-West”.

Furthermore, the joint campaign of the two capitals of Russia which, in the experts’ opinion, is certain to be successful happened to be an important topic. “Two Cities – Million Impressions is inviting tourists to not choose something single but visit the two cities in terms of one trip. We are striving for the future by creating a toolkit for tourists where Moscow and Saint Petersburg are considered as one mega-destination capable of providing all the specter of touristic potential”, Anna Nefedova – Head of the interregional partnership administration of Moscow Tourism and Hospitality Development Project Office – noted.

It was also remarked in the session that a lot of attention is being paid to the subject of the domestic tourism promotion in the information notice this year. Large advertisement and media projects have been realized. One of those – initiated by Silver Necklace of Russia’s participants – is a journalist media expedition. During two months, six journalists have been visiting all the regions of the project making a way of 10 thousand kilometers. As the result of the expedition, a series of video films and a tourist guide book by the authors are to come out.

Yevgeny Tchaikovsky – Chairman of Committee for Tourism and Culture of Leningrad Oblast, Denis Nosachev – Minister of Investment Policy of Novgorod Oblast, and a lot of other personalities including representatives of the industry association also presented regional opportunities and tourist routes in the session. The moderator of the event was Salva Hodko – Advisor for Methodological Support of Roscongress’ Activity.



The announce of the video materials on the regions of North-West by the journalist expedition is to be presented on Mass Media of North-West Forum annual large event which is to take place in Saint Petersburg in October. The Forum is held by Mass Media Association of North-West with the support of Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to North-West District.

The event is to be completely dedicated to the subject of the development of the domestic tourism by Silver Necklace of Russia project this year. Beside discussion sessions with the industry experts, the Forum is to include an exhibition where the regions present their media projects of information support of the domestic tourism. The best journalistic works on the tourism subject are to be nominated for the prizes of SEZAM journalistic contest.